Reading the Bible as Literature 2017

When I discovered that Rachel at Hibernator's Library was doing a year-long read of the Bible as literature, I knew I had to attempt to follow along. On this page I'm listing the planned reading schedule and hoping to link to all Rachel's posts. (with a few links of my own thrown in)

Proposed Schedule

including notes on the first chapter of James Kugel's How to read the Bible

Introduction to the read

Notes on "The Rise of Modern Biblical Scholarship," Chapter 1 in Kugel



Notes on "The Creation of the World - and of Adam and Eve" Chapter 2 in Kugel

Wikipedia link on the Documentary Hypotheeis

Comparison with Enuma Elish (Babylonian Creation)

Biologos article

California Skeptics article


The Fall 

Notes on "Cain and Abel," Chapter 3 in Kugel

Notes on "The Great Flood," Chapter 4 in Kugel

Tower of Babel

Notes on "The Tower of Babel." Chapter 5 in Kugel

Call of Abram

Abram becomes Abraham

"The Call of Abraham ," Chapter 6 in Kugel

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