Thursday, July 21, 2016

New Releases on the Horizon

Here are some books to be published later this year (or possibly into 2017) that I'm interested in. And they fit in well with this week's top ten Tuesday theme as well. Check out the "Speculative Fiction in Translation" post at if you're interested in more translated science/speculative fiction titles.

Everfair Cover

 Everfair by Nisi Shaw is a steampunk alternate history of the Congo. Thanks to Jordan at Forever Lost in Literature for highlighting this on her blog this week.

Invisible Planets: Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction in Translation Cover

Invisible Planets is a collection of science fiction stories by Chinese authors translated by Ken Liu. Due out in November 2016.

Iraq + 100 Cover

 Iraq + 100 is a collection of speculative fiction stories by Iraqi authors, imaging what Iraq will be like in 2103, edited by Hassan Blasim.

Memoirs of a Polar Bear Cover

Memoirs of a Polar Bear by Yoko Tawada, tranlsated by Susan Bernofsky, is about a family of writers and performers in East Germany.

Frankenstein in Baghdad by Ahmed Saadawi & winner of the 2014 prize for Arabic fiction. Jonathan Wright is translating it into English. (Arabic cover shown.) Hadi al-Attag roams the city of Baghdad, collecting the parts of people who have been dismembered in explosions & sewing them into one body. When a displaced soul enters the body, it comes to life and sets about taking revenge on those who killed its parts.

Spanish Women of Wonder is a collection of stories written in Spanish and translated into English by Sue Burke. This was a kickstarter project, and I'm sure these authors will be new to me. (No cover available.)


And finally, though this isn't a translation, it's one I'm really excited about: Ursula LeGuin's Earthsea novels are being published in an omnibus edition with illustrations by Charles Vess!


  1. There are so many great releases coming up - I really appreciate this post! I'm particular interested in Frankenstein in Baghdad and Memoirs of a Polar Bear, so I'll have to add those to my TBR. :) Iraq + 100 sounds pretty intriguing as well, so I think I'll keep that on my radar, as well.

    I am also extremely excited for the upcoming Earthsea edition with illustrations, it sounds like it's going to be gorgeous!

  2. Jordan, I'm a big Ursula LeGuin fan, and I like what I've seen of the illustrations so far.

  3. I'd love to read Iraq + 100. I bet that's fascinating.

  4. Sorry for the late response - I hope my library gets it, because I really want to read everything on this list, and I can't buy all of it.